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Why Were You Loved into Being?

One of the hardest things for people to believe is how much they are loved by God. But the truth is that you were loved into being. And, regardless of how distant you may feel from Him, God’s original dream for a relationship of mutual love with you remains.

Why Were You Named and Commissioned?

Having created you, God was not satisfied with a carbon copy of someone else (just look at the variety of flowers)! Instead, He fashioned you in a unique manner at the moment of your conception (Ps 139). God not only created you, but also commissioned you as a co-worker in restoring all of humankind, all of creation, to His original plan.

Why Were You Gifted for Stewardship?

Respecting the deepest desires of your heart, you were also gifted for stewardship -- to use the time, talents and treasures you were given to build His kingdom.

In this presentation we will look at nine different ways of living out that call:

  1. Activist
  2. Ascetic
  3. Caregiver
  4. Contemplative
  5. Enthusiast
  6. Intellectual
  7. Naturalist
  8. Sensate
  9. Traditionalist

You were created with a unique combination of these expressions of spirituality. Come to learn practical ways of expressing your God-given temperaments and gifts, so you can live more connected -- more in harmony -- with God’s Providence and with yourself and others.

This presentation is especially suited for those who feel a desire to grow closer to God, but are not quite sure how to do that.


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